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Major Purchases For A Home

Major purchases after buying a home

You just purchased your home, and now it’s time to move in. You may not have had the time to think about all the various things you will need to buy for your new house. As you open the front door to your marvelous new home, you may soon realize that you have a lot of shopping to do. If you are expanding from an apartment or condominium to a house, for instance, you might need new furniture, pictures for the walls, rugs for the floors, appliances, and lawn maintenance equipment.

One of the first things a new homeowner should do is re-key or change all door locks. If the previous sellers gave spare keys to neighbors, friends, relatives, or coworkers, it is doubtful you could retrieve them. Even if you did, you would have no way of knowing if anyone had made additional copies. Even new home builders give out keys to contractors, so it is wise to change the locks and install deadbolts on all exterior doors. Don’t forget any outbuildings that are keyed, such as detached garages, and tool sheds.

Maybe your new home was a way of starting fresh, so you want to have new appliances and flooring to go with it.  After buying a home you might now have the funds to buy top of the line everything, so you may want to consider some cheaper options. Many appliance stores have refurbished options and reduced cost floor models you can purchase. For your flooring options, you may want to consider laminate over the real hard wood floors.

Of course you will want to remember that your new home comes with a new yard you will have to take care of as well. Take care to budget for all of the tools you will need for upkeep or improvements, whether you have a lawn or xeriscaped yard.

Besides changing locks, buying home repair and lawn maintenance equipment, and installing new appliances, you may decide to put money into landscaping, exterior or interior paint, or doing some remodeling in your new home. These are some major purchases after buying a home that many people undertake, to customize their homes to suit their individual taste.

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