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The Housing Market Going into Fall 2021

A few key factors have intensified the housing market in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic and guidelines to stay home have led to residents looking for homes that could accommodate their new work-from-home lifestyles. A decrease in sale inventory over the…

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Help–My Landlord is Selling My Home!

In a seller’s real estate market, many tenants are finding themselves on the hunt for a new place to live once their landlord decides to put their house on the market. While some tenant-occupied homes are sold to other investors…

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Are Mortgage Rates Negotiable

How to Negotiate Your Mortgage Rate Your new house is a large investment, and finding the right lender is a large financial decision. Every percentage point in your mortgage rate matters. It changes both your monthly payment and your total…

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Denver Mortgage Rates

Denver Mortgage Rates   Mortgage rates have risen from 3.5% before the last election to 4.2% in early January 2017, and the National Association of Realtors suggests a possible further rise in rates during the year to reach 5%. “Nationwide,…

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Now doing business in Alabama!

We are very excited to announce, Integrity Mortgage & Financial Inc. is now licensed in the state of Alabama! Integrity Mortgage & Financial Inc. is now licensed in Colorado, New Mexico and Alabama! We are going to working toward other…

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15 VS 30 Year Mortgage

Below are some fun facts when considering a 15 vs 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage! Your Costs for a $250,000.00 Fixed-Rate Mortgage 15-Year at 3.75% 30-Year at 4.50% Your Monthly Payment: $1,818.00 $1,267.00 Interest You'll Pay During First 5 Years:…

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